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Landscape design for the Xishuangbanna Angsana Resort focuses on the series of interlocking pools connecting the FOH and the hotel building blocks, where the concept is about journey of water from its origin to its destination.
The entire journey starts at the indoor pool zone underneath the outdoor dining deck. Symbolizing a cave setting where floating stones and green islands are integrated for a naturalistic touch; the sunken cabanas group enhances the drama of a cave architecture while allowing natural light to the lower level. The water then flows through a series of cascades representing farm terraces, children’s pool and decks of difference experiences are integrated into the water terraces providing added interests and simultaneously breaking down the scale for comfortable enjoyment. The
water journey continues to the main family pool setting against an oversized green wall-cum-water fall background portraying a lush green environ. The water/land adjoining delta zone is represented by the couple’s pool through series of intimate spaces with Jacuzzi and tropical plantation, this pool terminates at a cantilever ledges overlooking the surf pool portraying as sea, the destination of the water journey.The entire water journey is accommodated to the site profile where unique pool experiences through stages of the journey form the foundation of the landscape design.