ONE Idea

ONE is a boutique design studio that specializes in high-end contemporary landscape architecture, urban design, public art and environmental planning in China, Southeast Asia, India and Middle East with head office in Hong Kong.

ONE’s design philosophy of ‘land-culture’ is to draw inspirations from the culture and texture of the origin of site, and develop into one ‘big idea’ that transpires into physical spaces and tangible design elements which could be experienced by visitors and users, enhancing the awareness of the spatial and development identity. This ‘big idea’ becomes the source of series of further ideas that brings unique identity to the project.

This philosophy of ‘land-culture’ is a direct response to the standardized design solutions with complete disregard to local context and cultural heritage in this globalized world. ONE team acknowledges the rich cultural heritage and context of the sites in different countries and each design is a celebration of this heritage articulated via contemporary landscape design language. Through this narrative ONE team successfully creates a new dimension to cultural interpretation where culture becomes part of physical experience for the users in the landscape. Landscape features developed become artworks deeply rooted to the original narrative integrating culture, architecture, landscape and arts. A seamless connection is further forged between indoor and outdoor environment where spaces flow effortlessly blurring the edges to create memorable ‘art-scapes’.