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  • Gamuda Twentyfive 7 - 19-V2
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257 is a unique vibrant destination located in Kuala Lampur. The landscape design for the masterplan has a central lake as its heart interconnected with a matrix of linear parks and gardens. Inspired by the dynamic folded landform of tin mining landscape next to site a series of sculptural landscape elements dot around the site bringing character to the overall design. The most dramatic of these elements is undoubtedly the feature entry statement. Conceived as a ribbon through its dynamic form and structure it is a sculpture distinctive in its scale and ambition and located along the either sides of the entrance road leading to the central lake. A series of terraces make the edges of the lake for people to enjoy the landscape setting. An intricate network of footpaths and bike paths meandering through the shaded landscape and connecting a series of play areas and fitness zones make the masterplan rich both in design and livability.


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