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Dragon is the emblem of Hong Kong as Asia’s World City and the Dragon Dance is of great significance of good luck and fortune in Chinese culture. The rhythm and movement of the dragon dance creates a sense of dynamism. This dynamism captured in a moment’s time is the inspiration for the sculpture. The free flowing movement is represented by a simple form supported by slender columns as if the dancers are changed with both tourists and locals play with the column and the sculpture. The dance never stops – the dancers change. During the evening the dragon floats, lit with soft light, creating a halo of good luck and good fortune as people passes through its imposing structure. The sculpture is envisaged to be a gateway to site across the pedestrian bridge. It is also seen by the motorists speeding along the motorway as a point of reference at the Entrance of TAMAR.

Hong Kong is one of the most unique world cities, intensely characterised by its vast mix of cultural identities and personalities. People are consistently travelling through a patchwork of visual and structural contexts of the city, rapidly experiencing the spatial transitions from the ferry to the bus, from the restaurant to their homes. As a result, the very patterns that individuals take on a routine basis begin to give shape to the city, as human movement is slowly transposed onto the land.


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