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The landscape concept for SUN Premier Kem Beach Resort has two aspects as part of land-culture philosophy. At the macro scale it is inspired by the unique coastal landscape of Phu Quoc Island where forest, lagoons and dunes embellish the domain between the mountain and the sea. At the micro scale delicate elements derived from the rich cultural and productive landscape of the island enhance the unique resort experience in forms of pavilions, bridges, sculptures and lighting. Water plays as important role in the design not only as part of aesthetics and resort setting as lakes, lagoons, cascades and pools but also helps in creating a comprehensive sustainable water management strategy. The villa landscape are distinct with themes inspired by the forest, lagoon and dunes through colour, material and planting palette. An intricate network of green fingers with characters emulating coastal landscape form the village greens and the key public activity areas within the resort. A spectacular multi-level pool with cliff-like viewing ledge and infinity edge connect the sea seamlessly with the resort.


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