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  • One_Ranchi_Central Green
  • One_Ranchi Clubhouse
  • One_Ranchi_Entry Gate

Inspired by three key elements of the locality, namely Jungle, Jamin and Jal representing forest, land and water respectively, the landscape masterplan for this high-end residential in eastern India is about creating series of parks and gardens for residents to enjoy. Spread across a site area of 35 acres, a huge central park forms the heart of this development where level differences are subtly absorbed in terraces of unique characters . A network of green spaces radiate from the central park to form courtyard gardens for each cluster of residential towers. Sitting on top of parking and dotted with shaded play areas and gardens these courtyard spaces have limited vehicular access making them pedestrian and child friendly while maximizing opportunities for greenery . A health ribbon accommodating jogging tracks and outdoor exercise stations forms the edge of the development creating a lush edge and buffer. Locally abundant bamboo is well blended in the overall planting scheme, geometry of the same is further incorporated into various aspects of the design enhancing its identity with the local culture.


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